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50 Tyson

50 Tyson (born 1993, age 22), born as Atonio Henderson-Davis, is an autistic American underground rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 50 Tyson was made famous for his various video uploads onto YouTube which he joined on January 17, 2009. 50 Tyson works for the underground label Hudson Records. He hasn't logged onto as far as fans know. 50 Tyson was often criticized for his inability to freestyle rap when his first freestyle videity, Minnesota/That is where I'm from". Also mentioned in his freestyle video, 50 Tyson said in his senior year he played on his school football team. His video was featured on Tosh.0 in which it was criticized and teased harshly. I ain't gunna lie... I'm 50 Tyson Man!!!!!!

50 Tyson released a mixtape entitled 50 Tyson Presents: The Rhythm of Autism, Volume 1 on April 15, 2011 featuring the internet singles "I Ain't Gonna fuck up" which is where the '50' in his name comes form. The 'Tyson' in his name comes from his ability to "fight any obstacle as if to be Mike Tyson."


  • 50 Tyson Presents: The Rhythm of Autism, Volume 1 (2011)


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