Now the ranks of the label BBT Wreck-Hurdz, Group 20 Deep emerged in June 2002. The group then contained five members: "Charmy Boy," "The Kroc," "The Menace", "Slimo" and "XXX". In the project "The underground is calling us" that we can hear their first records. Following the good public response, the group decided to take charge of their careers by signing their first contract with the independent label Chaplin Real Musiqc "(a label that had approached several promising artists as" Maloria "," Izzo "" OneWay "," Khaos the messenger. ") During contract negotiations, the group found their sixth member," Jocky ", which is very clever with his pen and discusses various topics with ease. After several disadvantages, 20 rows deep left the label "Real Musiqc." Then they meet with their seventh member "Big Pauly" a hidden talent neighborhoods east of Montreal. They will mainly known thanks to the song "Gee, if you did not know" which will tour the province due to its controversial context. Then comes the song "Everyday I'm 20 deep" which speak of them during the summer of 2006. In December 2006 they released the mixtape "20 or nuthing" achievement signed by "Charmyboy" and "Ruffneck." The group is currently working on a new project that will emerge by the end of 2007.


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