Loud Packz Smokin Thrax Dopetrackz06:34

Loud Packz Smokin Thrax Dopetrackz

Dopetrackz "Loud Packz Smokin Thrax" From The Album Kush Theoriez

Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax
Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax
Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax
Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax

Thrax on deck
Smokin' on that killa
Cigarello Shawty
Burnin' on my swisha
Thrax got me stuck
like some thumbtacks
Smokin' Milwaukee Buck
Straight from Scumbag
That b*tch hit harder
than Anderson Silva
You got that cash?
My dawgz'll serve you like subpoenas
I'm on that high grade
Four point "O"
You want that thrax?
Make that second right pass Texaco
Take a whiff of this'll
have you with the funny face
rollin' bluntz
thicker than Nicki Minaj waist
Getcha gas mask
thrax straight from Afghan
Have you flyin'
like a Taliban
Like Alladin man
Up in smoke like the Genie
Burnin' on the best thrax
Smokin' in the city
Smokin' B.I.G
like them boys that shot Chris Wallace
Getcha roll on
I'm bout to spark this

Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax
Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax
Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax
Loud Packz Smokin' Thrax

Jedi kush got my mind
flyin' on a jet
I don't even know yet
that b*tch louder
than a Flocka Flame ad lib
Smoke it every day
B*tch that's my habit
on that pressure
got me on cloud twelve
if you ain't smokin' this
kill yo self
with a shotgun
straight to the lungs
eyes chinky
lookin' like Shang Tsung
Soon as my dawg smelled the loud
he was like "damn Son" (daaaaaammnnn)
Where did you find this?
Man I got to grab some (yeeeaahhh)
Make that second turn
before Sunoco (okay)
Holla at my Chico
What up doe? (what up doe?)
We smokin' loud packz (Loud?)
stay jokin' thrax (thrax?)
poppin' bottles blowin' money
ain't learn how to act (fa sho)
All in the club
blowin' louder than a speaker
Swisha full of thrax
hit that b*tch like Jeter

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Lyrics © Dopetrackz Publishing

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